Co-Pastor and First Lady Glenda Pierce

Glenda Pierce serves as the First Lady, Co-Pastor, and Executive Vice-President of The Word and Worship Center Church. She is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and the wife of Pastor Mark Pierce. She works closely with Pastor Mark, and together, they form a double threat to Satan and his kingdom.
Previously, she served as Senior Minister at New Life Outreach Ministries, an inner city church where she taught weekly and preached biweekly. Her other ministerial assignments have included assisting churches of various denominations in curriculum development (introduction to bible study methods, evangelism, community/church involvement, etc.); teaching protocols for effective ministerial/lay staff development; and assessing outreach efforts for new churches.
During her earlier years as a minister at Cincinnati’s Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church, Co-Pastor Pierce served as a personal assistant to the late Bishop Johnnie L. Johnson. While in that position, she completed work on her Doctoral degree in Christian Education, and was designated by Bishop Johnson as a local Director of Satellite Church Development, assigning her to assist new pastors (that came from Bethlehem’s ranks) as they developed their own churches in various Cincinnati and out of town locations.
Those skills also served her well in her vocation. As a Registered Nurse and on-call Unit Supervisor, Co-Pastor Pierce has seen how often life can be a struggle for many forgotten and hurting people. This has given her an emotional intelligence that helps to center her on what really matters in life. She often encourages people to reassess the weight of what may be perplexing them by directing them to ask this question to themselves, “If you are walking and breathing now, is that other matter really as serious as you think it is?” In the play-by-play critical analyses of their lives, her insightful color commentary on life can enable folk to cut through blockages and see their crisis and problems from a higher, less overwhelming perspective.
In addition to her serving as the church’s liaison to other ministries and as a strategic leader on The Word and Worship Center’s Executive Board, Co-Pastor Pierce also serves as The Director of Ministry Development, assisting Pastor Pierce in developing the curriculums wherein both ministerial and teaching staffs can help people grow towards centering their lives in Jesus. That is why she has such a central role in the kingdom building efforts of The Word and Worship Center Church. Her methods, focused on using the preached and taught Word in practical applications for manifestation of God’s glory, enable people to open their minds – and not just their eyes- to attack root causes of problems.
Passionately encouraging and supporting the purposes of God in people’s lives, Co-Pastor Pierce inspires, challenges, and teaches both men and women to develop a strong relationship with God so that they can minister to others effectively. Committed, faithful, and possessing the spirit of a worshipper and a heart of love, her earnest expectation is to honor and glorify God so that she may find favor in His sight.

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